Friday, June 22, 2012

The Natural Cancer Treatment Cure

Since I post about all things natural health here, as well as natural birth, I thought I would put up this amazing link to Natural Cancer Cures. This page is what I will be visiting if I or anyone close to me ever gets cancer. I would definitely try this before chemo and radiation. Since its all natural, it can't hurt, and it looks delicious! Apricot seeds, anyone?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HypnoBirthing Class: Required.

The following is from Midwife Samantha McCormick: "All our clients at my birth center take Hypnobirthing. I subsidize the cost of the class because many of the would not spend the money and it has made a huge difference - reduced our use of pain meds and hospital transports - plus it has made life much easier on the staff. We are no longer constantly exhausted from long drawn out labors. The moms are amazed and generally quite proud of what they can accomplish. Absolutely ♥ Hypnobirthing." -via HypnoBirthing Utah's Facebook page.
My response: I wish all OB's and midwives would subsidize HypnoBirthing for those interested. Birth would change in America! I often thought about becoming an OB and have a Hypnobirthing only policy. If you don't take the class, I wouldn't take you on as a patient. Too risky! P.S. The woman in the picture is Vivian Keeler. She was my HypnoBirthing teacher five years ago when I was pregnant with Hazel in Miami Beach.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hypnosis for Birth

I loved finding this article via Natural Papa's blog. Its a straight forward explanation of how hypnosis works for birth. If you are looking into taking my HypnoBirthing classes, read this!

Cord Blood Banking

Ever wondered wether to bank your newborn baby's blood or not? Its a new phenomenon, and I know I was confused about it when I was pregnant with my first. I was inundated with pamphlets and free, expensive looking folders stuffed full of literature. It all gave me a sense that it was very well thought out and studied and proven. But four years later, all the midwives and doulas I know are speaking out about the negative effect it can have on the baby. That's right. There is some pretty pointing evidence and common sense explanations for why it may have an extremely negative effect on your baby, to in essence, deprive them of 1/3 of their blood at birth. Blood that, if given a few more minutes, would have found itself in the baby. This procedure may even cause the diseases that the blood is used to treat in the future. My husband lost 1/3 of his blood in a bleeding ulcer, and his heart almost stopped and he was on death's door. I just read an article where a baby's blood had been banked at birth, and then a few weeks later was found to have a grapefruit sized tumor blocking its kidney, which was treated with several rounds of chemo, and the cord blood was only used after the tumor had completely vanished, as a sort of safety that the tumor not return. Not much of a treatment if you ask me. This article, via Midwife Thinking, addresses this topic. And don't miss the You Tube video, towards the bottom of the article, made by a doula trainer, Penny Simkin. It is the most concise and articulate explanation I have found on why NOT to bank cord blood. It makes a lot of sense to me. I'm glad I made the choice not to bank my baby's blood, and in exchange, allowed her newborn body to soak up as much of it as she could in the moments after birth. As a midwife I know once said: "If that blood is so curative, and so important, then let's give it all to the baby at birth." I have to agree with her. Who knows? It may just prevent diseases, if its actually allowed to transmit completely to the baby by delayed cord clamping (a topic explained in the video) instead of being clamped and thrown out with the placenta. Just another one of the myriad choices we have to make as parents on what we feel is best for our baby. What will you choose?

Your "Due" Date

Here is a lovely article referring to the American College of Obstetrics' guidelines on a woman's due date. Don't know when your baby is ready to be born? Just wait until active labor starts. That's when the baby is ready.

Article by Birth Without Fear

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Laura's 32 Minute Labor

I am used to hearing about 4 or even 2 hour labors (one of my HypnoBirthing students just had 2 1/2 hour labor last month) but 30 minutes?!!! Now that's some quick, calm birthing. You've got to read this story. It will blow you away. Who wouldn't want a labor that's shorter than the time it takes to write out the story? This picture reminded me of what the mom must have been feeling after a mere 32 minutes of birthing. Especially since she wasn't medicated. Get up and go, baby!

Birth story compliments of my amazing HypnoBirthing collegue Laura Curtis from HypnoBirthing Utah

Friday, September 16, 2011

Take Charge of Your Birth!

I loved seeing the two contrasting stories this Doula, Susan Lunville from Fearless Birth, had with the two births of her own children. The first one, she had no say, and handed her birth experience over completely to the doctors and nurses. Big surprise- she had an unneccesary cesarean. Then read about her second birth.. what a dream. She had just what she wanted. Scroll down to "My Birth Experiences" to read these two contrasting stories. The difference is night and day, and all she did was get educated, get the right team, and advocate for herself. I love hearing about birth success.