Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HypnoBirthing Class: Required.

The following is from Midwife Samantha McCormick: "All our clients at my birth center take Hypnobirthing. I subsidize the cost of the class because many of the would not spend the money and it has made a huge difference - reduced our use of pain meds and hospital transports - plus it has made life much easier on the staff. We are no longer constantly exhausted from long drawn out labors. The moms are amazed and generally quite proud of what they can accomplish. Absolutely ♥ Hypnobirthing." -via HypnoBirthing Utah's Facebook page.
My response: I wish all OB's and midwives would subsidize HypnoBirthing for those interested. Birth would change in America! I often thought about becoming an OB and have a Hypnobirthing only policy. If you don't take the class, I wouldn't take you on as a patient. Too risky! P.S. The woman in the picture is Vivian Keeler. She was my HypnoBirthing teacher five years ago when I was pregnant with Hazel in Miami Beach.