Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Olive oil and my Ear

A couple weeks ago I picked up my phone while it was on speaker phone full blast and someone blasted my ear drum. Then a few days later, my opposite ear got all stuffed up, started ringing and I couldn't hear from it. I got a few fleeting headaches with it and was worried it would turn into an infection, so my husband candle burned an old newspaper while it was funneled and sticking in my ear, but all I felt was a little fizzling in my sinuses. Then we poured a few drops of warm extra virgin olive oil into my ear and covered it up with a wet, warm cloth. I pulled on it all day before that, and finally the next day it cleared up. I'm gald it didn't turn into an infection. Have you ever used olive oil to soothe an ear ache?

1 comment:

  1. I never used olive oil for an earache, but taking garlic seems to help my husband's earaches.

    And I think ear-candling is cool!