Saturday, October 23, 2010

Article on Vitamin K for newborns

Here is a great article with sources on some risks of the Vitamin K injection after birth. It also gives alternatives to the shot, like my last post. I personally didn't give my baby the shot or the oral dose. I breast fed her directly after birth and practically all day and night for the first couple days. In the article, it mentions that there is a natural form of Vitamin K in colostrum. It is interesting to note that babies started having trouble with Vitamin K levels when hospitals routinely and immediately separated mom and baby for hours if not days after birth and weren't allowed to breast feed right away. After a couple days, mom's colostrum is gone and along with it the Vitamin K. After reading up on it, I think that Vitamin K shots or doses aren't necessary if my baby gets lots of immediate colostrum, but each parent has to make their own decision. Read this article and choose for yourself.

Article via Giving Birth Naturally.

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