Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saturday Picnic under the Mulberry Tree

We have a huge Mulberry tree in our backyard that is perfect to have a picnic under, so on Saturday we had a gardening and picnic day. Here are some images from our yummy lunch. We had egg salad sandwiches with butter lettuce, tomatoes and pickles as garnishes, apples and oranges, and some apple juice. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon in our backyard.


  1. Hi Jill!! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit us over at Julia's Bookbag!! I am totally going to try your French Onion Soup recipe, by the way :) ~Melissa

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Julia. I hope you like the soup, its one of our favorites! And I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. It looks so fun. I read 5 - 10 books to my daughter every night and we're quickly running out of options at the library!