Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Moon Pillow GiveAway and Review

Hello Readers,

The Baby Moon team is giving away a Baby Moon Pillow on August 31st! All you have to do is get a friend to like their facebook page and you and that friend will both be entered in the giveaway. Hurry, there's only two days left!

My friend, who has 8 kids, just had her 8th, baby Cameron. (Thanks for taking the time to try out this product for me, Bizzy!) She tried out the Baby Moon Pillow with him while he laid on her bed, during floor-time, and in his swing. She said he really liked the pillow and Cameron seemed to be really comfortable with it. She said she could see how this pillow could prevent or fix "flat-head syndrome" (technical term- plagiocephaly). Doesn't he look so comfy on his pillow?

I remember when my daughter was an infant, her pediatrician felt her head at every visit and concluded every time that she wasn't developing flat-head syndrome. I was so relieved, but wondered what I would do if she did start developing it. Apparently the only option a peditrician will give you is to either have them wear a helmet to squoosh their head back into a round shape, or to have them sleep on their sides during sleep instead of the back. But how do you keep an infant on their side? There's got to be another way to take the pressure off the baby's head. Enter the Baby Moon Pillow.

The reasoning behind this pillow is that more and more babies are getting flat heads because they lay almost all day and night on the back of their heads. Pediatricians have suggested that babies lie on their backs to sleep to avoid SIDS, which is great. But it has lead to more and more babies developing flat heads. So the designer came up with this pillow to be used during the day, to give the babies' heads a break during the day and take the pressure off.

The pillow, in a soft baby blue above, comes in many colors and styles from polka dots to stripes, solids and organic cotton. It's designed for two age groups: 0 -6 months and 6 - 12 months. These are the most crucial times for a baby's developing head, and if the pillow is used, it can prevent, or help fix flat head syndrome, without having to revert to those unsitely and uncomfortable helmets. Babies from 0 -6 months will use it in the doughnut form, since their heads are smaller, and from 6 - 12 months it widens via a velcro strip to fit the growing baby. One of the greatest uses is to put it in the car seat or stroller while napping. We've all seen a baby's head kinked to one side and wanted to prop it up with something. Well, this pillow is so plump and cushy, that it does just that. I even want one for myself! I think this is an amazing product and actually wanted some sort of a baby pillow when my daughter was an infant and toddler. Now I know what I'll be using with my next baby! So hurry and sign up for the giveaway by liking their page- you have two more days and you could have one of your very own. Good luck! Not interested in the giveaway? No problem, you can buy one on their website, here.

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