Monday, August 15, 2011

HypnoBirthing Twin Birth Story by CNN

I love it when big media covers HypnoBirthing. This is a story by CNN, covering several moms HypnoBirthing stories, including a mom who birthed TWINS gently and naturally with HypnoBirthing. It is totally possible. And she was just a normal, average, everyday woman. Love it.

The beautiful photo in this post is taken from Justine Caine's home water birth. You can read the birth story that goes with the above picture here. Justine is the secretary for HomeBirth Australia. A non-profit organization educating women on homebirth.


  1. There are no classes near me, and I am a soon to be first time mom. Are there any hypno birthing books or CD's that you would recommend?

  2. Hi Lauren! I teach HypnoBirthing via Skype! If you have a high speed internet connection, you can take a class from me! Email me at if you are interested.