Monday, March 29, 2010

My Birth Story on Design Mom

My birth story was recently featured on! Check it out here! Design Mom blogs about all aspects of mothering and how to do it with style.


  1. I love Design Mom and also loved reading your story of your daughter's birth! I have never heard of hypno-birthing before. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have been thinking of the issue of labor a lot lately. My daughter from my first marriage is almost 12 and the memory of her coming into the world is both vivid and blurry. I ended up having a Cesarean, but I know that there are ways to not end up having to do a repeat with future births. Do you have any resources you suggest for learning more about Hypno-birthing?


  2. Melissa,
    How great that you want to go natural the second time around! It's the best. And of course I can recommend some resources. I would go to first and click on the "About HB," "Birth Stories," and "Practitioner Directory" links. In the directory, you will find a list of practitioners in your area. Living in Oregan I would guess there are quite a few, as "natural" anything is popular in your state. I wish I lived there myself! The practitioners give 5 week long classes to pregnant women and can answer any of your questions.

    Also, I would recommend looking at the links on the website, The link "Hypnobirthing in the News" has great articles from the NY Times and other media on Hypnobirthing.

    After reading up on the subject,I would recommend taking the classes once you are pregnant. Just reading the book won't fully prepare you, I think.

    Thanks for asking the question! You've inspired me to post about Hypnobirthing info!

    Good luck!
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