Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Moon Pillow

The team at Baby Moon (don't you love that name?) sent in an email to me here at Au Natural Baby and asked if I would do a product review of their Baby Moon Pillow. I actually always wanted a baby pillow for my daughter, but didn't know they existed. I always felt she needed head and neck support as an infant, since baby's heads are so floppy. But this product was created because the designer's daughter was developing "flat head syndrome." To counter-act that, she came up with this pillow that takes the pressure off the back part of the baby's head during day-time hours, preventing "flat-head syndrome." I think it is a genius idea. What do you think? Learn more about how the product works here. They've sent me the beautiful pillow, but since it is for babies 0 - 1 years old, I am having a friend do a review of it with her baby. I will post that review shortly. But I wanted to give you a pre-glimpse of it. They have ten cute colors and patterns to choose from, and the material is so soft, fuzzy and cozy. Buy one here on their website! They're even all made in the USA!

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