Friday, July 8, 2011

More Business of Being Born

If you haven't seen "The Business of Being Born," you really need to. It's available on Netflix "Watch Instantly" for free. You just have to be a member of Netflix. And if you haven't contributed to the "More Business of Being Born" campaign to help fund a set of 6 DVD's on your options in birth, you really should do that, too. At that link you can see the trailor for their new DVD's. I just contributed. It's just a really good education in your options for giving birth. And it will help out so many women to be more informed and educated about what their options really are when they give birth. It answers questions like "What's a midwife?" and "What's a Doula?" and "What do they do?" Are you kidding? Finally a one-stop source for all your birth options related questions. Women are going to love it. It's the best grass-roots movement for advocating safe, healthy birth since Ina May Gaskin started her birth center in Tennessee in the 70's. Thanks to Ricki Lake and her collaborator for kickstarting this worthy cause. I'm elated.

Photo via The Big Push for Midwives


  1. That's awesome that they're giving more information. All of this should be a required class in high school. What is more important? To graduate knowing algebra which most people forget anyways (I did lol) or to graduate knowing how to give your baby the happiest and healthiest ride into this world? That knowledge would prevent so many mental, social, and physical issues in society